Love You More DeSign was inspired straight from the heart of my family. Growing up I heard the phrase “love you more” from my Grandpa Kenny and Grandma Cookie, and over time it became a very familiar, personal phrase to me. In college my parents surprised me with a wooden sign from a little shop in Bellingham, WA with our special phrase on it. Seeing the words About Finalspoken by my family in a tangible piece of art for my home meant the world to me.

A few years ago we lost my grandpa, and since then I’ve come to cherish that comforting phrase I heard my entire life. In all the years I spent with him, I realized he never met a stranger, just new friends. It never took long after introducing himself before he knew all about them and their stories; he genuinely enjoyed hearing every word. Grandpa was a vital part in my upbringing, and his big heart, even bigger laugh and kind spirit taught all of us to take opportunities to love and learn from every person we have the pleasure of meeting in our lives.

My hope, and the purpose of Love You More DeSign, is to take the words your family and friends hold close to their hearts and bring them to life. Each of us carry memories throughout our lives associated with silly sayings, prayers, songs, names, personal mantras, or even single words. All of these things resonate within us and help compose the stories of our lives. I love seeing encouraging signs you can purchase in a store, but my goal is to create personal, one of a kind pieces tailored to each person I work with. Each sign I create is hand-painted, the stencils are designed and cut by me personally, and no two pieces of wood will be the same. It is important to me for the words that mean something to you and your family to be proudly displayed in your homes, there to greet you each day when you walk in the door.